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Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis - Bowel Adhesions

In 93% of patients who undergo abdominal surgery adhesions occur between the first 72 hours after surgery.
So it is very important to keep the adhesions away from re-growing during this time.

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel developed a unique and very effective and successful procedure to get adhesions under control and remove them long term

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is a world re-known specialist for Adhesiolysis Surgery and developed his own surgical technique, the "Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy" with the "Abdo-Lift".

You can find more information about the procedure and Dr. Daniel Kruschinski by watching his Online Atlas of Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis where you can also find a lot of information about different patients cases, like the following one.

A 32 years old patient from Germany who underwent several abdominal surgeries. The first surgery was performed because of an appendicitis. On this surgery no adhesion barrier was used which causes typical adhesions symptoms and more surgeries to remove adhesions over the following years. These surgeries did not work because they don´t have been effective because of the lack of adequate adhesions removal and treatment.

Here you can see the surgery images Dr. Kruschinski Daniel took when this female patient had adhesiolysis surgery with him as well as you can see the result as well.
No adhesion reformation after 7 days after the initial surgery to remove the adhesions.

Watch out:

 Adhesions on the bowel which is attached to the abdominal wall. You can see the pulling from the adhesions.

 Same area.

 In the 2nd look on day 7th after the initial surgery you can see that no adhesions reformed. The healing process already started, new peritoneum is covering the surgical area and neo-vascularisation started as well.

After this surgery the patient stayed symptoms and pain free and the cycle of adhesiolysis surgery after adhesiolysis surgery over and over again without no improvement or good and adhesion-free result finally stopped.

Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis - Endometriosis: number one reason for Adhesion Related Disorder in women

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel is a world re-known specialist for Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis.

Over the nearly 3 decades of his work he developed his own and unique surgical technique "Gasless Lift.Laparoscopy" with the "Abdo-Lift" and created an Online Atlas about Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis

There you can see a lot of surgery images as well as explanations and medical history to the shown images.
This gives an excellent overview to Dr. Daniel Kruschinski´s technique and skilled professionality!

On this picture you can see an explanation how the internal organs can get replaced by adhesions:

The Uterus is fixed to the abdominal wall (can be followed by a C-Section or myomectomy) and on the right you can see the bowel attached to the anterior abdominal wall.

By seeing this it´s very hard to believe that a huge amount of doctors still claim that adhesions do not cause pain!!
Fortunately Dr. Daniel Kruschinski believes in the pain related to adhesions!

Freitag, 4. April 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy - EndoGyn

What makes a medical procedure different and -like in this case- more successful than others? The technique in combination with a highly skilled surgeon with decades of experience and the will to help his patients! Patients who are left alone most of the times by physicians and surgeons.

This is a very good example for it:

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel is the only doctor who has the highest success rate with laparoscopic lysis of adhesions in the whole medical world or laparoscopic surgery.

Why? Because of the unique surgical technique he developed "Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy" and his high skill and the fact that he spends his whole time and life to treat and help his patients!

Do you want to find out more about Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, his technique, success and the important difference between Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy and "normal" laparoscopy with carbon dioxide (gas)?

Follow this link:

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel shows and gives proof that there IS help and cure for patients who suffer with Adhesion Related Disorder!

Mittwoch, 2. April 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Testimonial from a grateful patient´s family

Patients go to a doctor with pain or diseases to get help. What happens when patients go to see Dr. Kruschinski Daniel and they get help by him? Life changes!! In the best way. Easy to say, but you can see  the proof in many ways, like with this wonderful video and testimonial a grateful husband created on Youtube, after his wife had surgery with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski or via images on or even on Facebook groups which have been created from patients to help other sufferers to get help with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski!

Why? Dr. Kruschinski Daniel gave life back to his female patient and her husband. After suffering for years, life seemed to be ended this way. There was no help in sight, things got worse and no doctor was able to help anymore.
Then they found Dr. Daniel Kruschinski and this woman had surgery with him. And her life changed tremendously in the very best way!
Years later, she is pain free and symptoms free, she can participate in life again like "normal" people, which wasn´t possible all those years before, she can be a wife and best friend and family member again AND BEST THING: she was able to get pregnant and gave BIRTH to wonderful children!!
NO ONE would have ever thought this could become reality!! But it did!!

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski gave life to many people in this case (like in so many others): the patient got her life back, her husband got his life with his wife back and their two children got the chance to be born on this world!

Stories like this are beyond words and it is a blessing to be part of it!

So happy for them and for all the others!!

Watch this wonderful testimonial!

Samstag, 22. März 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Frozen Abdomen Part 2

Follow the second part of Adhesiolysis of Frozen Abdomen with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski  on Youtube!

As you can see on his results there is a REAL chance to get adhesions under control, even in very severe cases like with a "frozen abdomen"!

Watch out this Youtube video:

To find out more about Dr. Kruschinski Daniel´s work and his excellent results follow this link:

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Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Frozen Abdomen

Patients with severe cases of Adhesion Related Disorder occur a so called "Frozen Abdomen" in many cases. These patients end up with multiple open surgeries (laparotomies), bowel-obstructions and bowel resections and they get often told that there is no chance to help them or do surgery on them anymore.

Same happened with me. After many abdominal surgeries, peritonitis and bowel-obstructions no doctor wanted to do adhesiolysis surgery on me anymore. They all said, it would not "pay" to do it before my "next" bowel-obstruction, so they would have to do emergency-surgery anyway!
I was left alone. I could not eat, I could not drink, I was vomiting each and every day many times, I
constipated, laxatives and enemas could not help properly anymore, I got rectal bleedings, lost so much weight and ended up with 80 pounds, got fever attacks and had a kind of pain 24-7, that made me not living from one day to the other..I was just existing.
I was 16 years old when my appendix ruptured and my ARD started and when I was in my twenties I did not expect to become 30 years old.

Then in 2009 I found a doctor, who had no doubt about my symptoms, who believed me and my pain and who HELPED me! Dr. Kruschinski Daniel was the first doctor in 13 years of suffering who believed me and was willing to help me and he did!

Most of the surgeons and doctors claim that there is no chance to get adhesions removed without re-growing after surgery, especially in severe cases like mine.
Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is proofing the opposite and shows that it is not true! 

But patients like me and many others are a proof that there IS a way to get adhesions under control and to stop them from re-growing!

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel´s whole procedure is showing the success!

To see more follow this link:

Watch this video on youtube, where you can see how Dr. Kruschinski Daniel is performing adhesiolysis surgery on a frozen abdomen!

Montag, 17. März 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Gladiathor on Youtube

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel

not only developed his own unique surgical technique the "Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy" he also created his own bipolar instruments "Gladiathor" -> Gaslesslaparoscopic Diathermy Operation.

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski´s instruments allow coagulation and cutting in 1 Step!

Watch this to see the wonderful work and results:

Sonntag, 16. März 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy on Youtube

As a world re-known specialist and OGBYN Dr. Kruschinski Daniel is performing a lot of surgeries! He developed his unique surgical technique "Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy" and the "Abdo-Lift".

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is specialzed on Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis and is also highly skilled in gynecology surgeries.

Some of Dr. Kruschinski Daniel´s surgeries are shared on Youtube so that everyone can see what the difference of skilled hands and the brilliant knowledge of a surgeon can make!

Watch this video of Dr. Daniel Kruschinski performing a hysterectomy via Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy:

Freitag, 14. März 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - surgery videos on Youtube

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is able to do abdominal surgery without general anesthesia but with regional anesthesia!

This is very important for patients whose body system would not be able to tolerate general anesthesia!

Watch this out and see how happy a patient can be during surgery while the surgeon Dr. Kruschinski Daniel is speaking with the patient AND doing highly skilled surgery!

Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Youtube

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel is performing different surgeries! You can find some of them on youtube like this one about the resection of an endometriosis cyst via Lift-Laparoscopy:

Check it out and enjoy watching what a difference skilled hands of a extraordinary surgeon can make!

What difference Dr. Daniel Kruschinski makes!

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Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

In the world of Adhesion Related Disorder there are many people and doctors saying that there is no way to get rid of adhesions or no chance to get cured and life back!
Dr. Kruschinski Daniel is doing laparoscopic adhesiolysis since many many years with a lot of experience and a successful outcome for his patients! What better proof of a successful and life changing surgery can be than to be able to give birth to two healthy kids after suffering for years of adhesions?

Watch this wonderful testimonial from a thankful husband of a former adhesion sufferer and a happy dad of two kids due to Dr. Daniel Kruschinski´s surgery!

This is heart touching and a proof that there IS a difference and a cure in the treatment of adhesions!

Montag, 10. März 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

In successful treatment of Adhesion Related Disorder many things have to come together to have the best results for the patients.
It is a complete procedure with many important parts to care of and Dr. Kruschinski Daniel didnn´t only develop his own surgical procedure "Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy" he also optimizes the whole treatment by performing a second look surgery. Adhesions occur within the first 72 hours after surgery. Dr. Kruschinski did a lot of studies which are proving these results. By performing a second look surgery after 72 hours to 7 days after this surgery he can exclude the back growth of adhesions and if some should have occur they are able to be removed bluntly and very easy which means Dr. Daniel Kruschinski doensn´t have to cut them. Cutting can mean bleeding and bleeding causes new adhesions.

See some follow up images from the thousands of surgeries Dr. Daniel Kruschinski did. This documentation of his surgery results and follow ups is rare and unique in the field of Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis because nearly no other doctor or surgeon has the opportunity to record his work and success which Dr. Kruschinski Daniel has due to his outstanding procedure.

To see more follow this link:

Some images from the site linked above: you can see adhesions on the left pelvic brim during initial surgery with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, the used adhesion barrier "blue Spray Shield" and the 2nd look after 7 days!

Samstag, 8. März 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

Dr. Kruschinski created an online atlas on Adhesions, Adhesion Prevention, Adehesion Surgery and Adhesion Reformation.

There Dr. Daniel Kruschinski shows a lot of images about his special surgical procedure "Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy" and the outcome of his patients but also what adhesions really mean for a sufferers life, condition, health, quality of life and what happens when adhesiolysis surgeries are not performed by experts and how adhesions reform after incorrect adhesiolysis surgeries or without adhesion prevention.

Adhesion sufferers are suffering in many ways. They have severe symmptoms like abdominal cramping, constipation, vomiting, back pain, abdominal pain, infertility, bowel-obstruction, loss of weight and on and on.
Many unsuccessful surgeries are performed which make the symptoms even worse and at some point the patients are send away and left alone by most of the doctors. Those patients are told that there is no chance to help them because the adhesions are coming back anyway, they have to live with it, it would pay more to wait until the next bowel-obstruction so the surgeons would have to do an emergency surgery anyway. And many times adhesion sufferers have to face the fact that doctors claim them to be "just depressive" and that the pain is in their head.
I had all these experiences by myself and I have been left alone by doctors so many times! So I know what I am talking about.

When I met Dr. Kruschinski Daniel and had my first surgery, I met a caring doctor and for the first time: I met a doctor who really wanted to help me and who believed me and my symptoms! I never knew this before! I didn´t even had the feeling that I would have to explain my pain or to apologize for my symptoms.
Adhesion sufferers have a lot of scars: on the abdominal surface and on the soul as well. Dr. Daniel Kruschinski knows about it and deals with it like a real doctor does, he is taking them serious!

The following images show some of the abdominal surfaces you can also find on the Atlas of Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis!

Follow the link above to find out more! It is an Atlas in progress so watch out many times!

After many open surgeries (laparotomies) wound infections show up many times.

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Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy

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There you can see some like these pics about Dr. Kruschinski Daniel, Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis at EndoGyn and Dr. Daniel Kruschinski and Adhesiolysis at AdhesioLogicum Germany!

The book Karen Steward wrote about the adhesion journey her daughter had to face until she had successful surgery with Dr. Kruschinski Daniel

And about Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel helps patients, on whose most doctors fear to do anything! Patients with a frozen abdomen! Those patients are constantly left with no hope for recovery or no hope to survive. Many times these patients get to hear, that they have to wait until the next bowel-obstruction, because it wouldn´t pay to do it before! Same happened to me several times! So you have to leave the doctors office desperate and hopeless because you have to face the fact, that you are left alone without any hope to get help!
Dr. Daniel Kruschinski's Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy and his keen understanding of this complex illness, patients no longer have to make those experiences of been turned away! 
There is a chance to survive, get their lifes back and get a lot of relief!

Follow this link to see how an adhesiolysis surgery on a frozen abdomen can be performed by an expert like Dr. Kruschinski Daniel!

Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - german Wikipedia Pneumoperitoneum

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel

Mentioned on german Wikipedia twice! "Pneumoperitoneum" is a very important in laparoscopic surgery and has a very high risk for bowel perforations etc.

Dr. Kruschinski developed an unique surgical technique "Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy" to avoid gas suffliation and a pneumoperitoneum and did his own studies which are showing the success of his procedure.

This is the second mention of Dr. Daniel Kruschinski on german Wikipedia! Outstanding surgeon with an outstanding skill!

Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - german Wikipedia

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel

As a world re-known and high skilled laparoscopic surgeon you can also find Dr. Kruschinski on german Wikipedia. Daniel Kruschinski developed an unique surgical technique "Gasless Lift-Laparscopy" and this is mentioned there.

Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

Dr. Kruschinski - Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy/Hysterectomy with EndoGyn

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel just doesn´t perform adhesiolysis surgery via Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy, he also performs other surgeries, like for example this one on a congress in Lublin, Poland! Watch out this skills by performing a hysterectomy!

Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis

What makes the difference between different surgeons? What makes the difference when they all should try to be on the same level? You can put it on many easy lines, but the main one is: there are experts and no experts! Some develop new and unique techniques and procedures to help their patients and others try to go the easier way! 

You can also see the difference while reading their procedured and watching their skilled hands!

To find more about it just check out: 

Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - A tribute from a patient

When this patient came to Germany to have surgery with Dr. Kruschinski Daniel she had a frozen abdomen and suffered with excruciating pain and all the bad symptoms known with Adhesion Related Disorder!
Like so many other adhesions patients she has been left alone by most of the doctors! She even underwent "adhesiolysis surgery" at home, payed 40.000 USD just to find out that this surgeon did nothing...but wanting his bills.
Dr. Daniel Kruschinski did surgery on her and he did help her! Even though she had a frozen abdomen and even though there seemed to be no hope before at home for a patient like her!

So she created a wonderful tribute video for Dr. Kruschinski Daniel!

Check it out! There IS a difference between physicians and really skilled and professional doctors with the will to HELP! And they do HELP!

Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - How a life can change tremendously after successful adhesiolysis with Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy

After suffering over 20 years of adhesions and left alone with no hope from surgeons, physicians and medical system you can also be able to find hope and a tremendously change in your life! There is hope for adhesion sufferers to get their life back!

Check out this heart touching follow up after having successful adhesiolysis with Dr. Kruschinski Daniel!

Montag, 17. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Follow up after surgery with EndoGyn and Dr. Kruschinski Daniel

Just check out this wonderful follow up after adhesiolysis with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski!

There is hope for adhesions sufferers who had to go through hell for years, after being left alone by physicians, medical system and doctors!

Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski

After suffering her whole life of Adhesion Related Disorder just check out this wonderful testimonial and follow up by a former patient of Dr. Kruschinski Daniel!
After having surgery with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski in October 2012 her life changed in a wonderful way!

Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is a high-skilled and world re-known laparoscopic gynecologic surgeon who is specialized in laparoscopic surgery. He developed his own surgical procedure - Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy.

Follow this link and find a visual atlas that shows over a decade full of successful adhesiolysis surgeries with patients suffering of sever Adhesion Related Disorder. This is UNIQUE in the field of adhesiolysis surgery all over the world!

Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski-the long way to find a doctor who was able to save my life

After this big surgery on March 17th 1998 the surgeon told me, that without the surgery I would have been dead during the next 1,5 hours due to not-diagnosed ruptured appendicitis, severe peritonitis and sepsis. I took me a long time to get out of this life-threatening situation and after 5 weeks with ICU and hospital stay I was able to go home. The first day I came home I got fever some hours later and it stayed over night with abdominal pain, nausea and cramping. So the next day I went back to the hospital and they put me on TPN for 2 weeks and gave me antibiotics and pain meds. The symptoms were better so they send me home. Some days later the pain came back, the cramping, the nausea. I couldn´t eat, I have been constipated. So I went to my GP and he said: "Maybe you cannot deal with all the experiences you´ve made? You nearly died and this is a lot to handle! Do you want some pills to feel better in your mental condition?" WOW, I had abdominal pain! And no mental problem! I didn´t want a prescription so he sent me back home.
So I went to a gastroenterological doctor and he said "Well, you might have adhesions due to the peritonitis and the laparotomy. But there is nothing I can do for you because there is nothing that helps!" I asked if there would be a way to remove those adhesions but he claimed that this would not help. I should drink enough water and eat more oatmeal for breakfast and that would help enough! I tried. I drank 3 liters of water every day and I tried oatmeal as well. (For everyone who doesn´t know how oatmeal makes your intestines feel if you have really severe adhesions: imagine a huge gas your intestines. At one point you really don´t know what to do of PAIN!).
I went back and told the doctor that there is no way to "handle" it with oatmeal. He got a little bit upset and pronounced that I´d seem to be a little "depressed". He gave me a prescription for laxatives and sent me home. Some weeks after my first and second hospital stay I had to go back to the ER. I was totally constipated, vomiting, nauseated, I had crampings and I had to vomit after ever little thing I ate or drunk. I had to go back 7 times from March 1998 to Dec 1998 and the treatment was all the same..every time: TPN, enemas and back home after two weeks. The same in 1999. The more times the doctors saw me the more upset they got with me. From their point of view I was a young girl with some stomach pain and some more depressions. They also mentioned, that I seemed to like to get that "attention" or if it may be possible to have some eating disorders? "You know...some little girls like to vomit after a meal...!"
My little need of "attention" ended up in a bowel-obstruction in January 2000. Due to ADHESIONS! They found my abdominal cavity filled with adhesions and conglomerates of them. So no surprise I was chronical constipated, vomiting, cramping for 2 years.
They did a laparotomy again and safed my life and I went back home 3 weeks later. 
I was full of hope that this nightmare would have ended at this point...but it did not.
2 months later it started all over again and even worse. When I tried to drink a little glas of water I had to vomite some minutes later. 
So the doctor-appointment-marathon started again.  And changed into a new circle of doctors because the "old ones" said they would not be able to help me.
One gastroenterologist told me that he would refuse to treat me until I would have met a psychotherapist. To make sure that I don´t have "phantom pain". He also added that it wouldn´t be enough to see the psychotherapist one or two times. No, I would have to go there 10 times and before he wouldn´t accept me to make an appointment with him again. He also sent me to a food coach who told me that I should drink more water (I drank 3 liters a day at that time), asked me if I would have ever tried oatmeal for breakfast ("this is proofed to help!!") and that I should prefer carrot cake instead of normal cake. Nice idea...if I wouldn´t have stayed away from any sugar, cake, cookies, chocolate etc for the last year to avoid constipation! And because it is very sad to vomit your birthday cake or chocolate anyway..
When I saw the psychotherapist, she wanted me to make a "pain diary" every day, on which I could write down on which level my pain is depending of what I am doing. Short end of the story: after the 10th appointment she told me: "You are not a patient for me. You are definitely a patient for a surgeon. This pain isn´t in you head! It is true pain in your abdominal area!" What a surprise..
I went back to the gastroenterologist (who seemed to be a little irritated about the "psycho-outcome") and he told me:"Okay, if you REALLY WANT to have a surgery to remove those adhesions, I will give you the referral to the hospital!"
It may sound crazy, but I was happy to be able to get surgery!! Because I just wanted to get some help!!
I was 20 years old and suffering 24/7 without a break!
When I got admitted to the hospital for surgery things changed: the surgeons started talking at me "Well you are just constipated, you have to vomit after you eat and you have abdominal pain. From our point of view this isn´t enough to do surgery. If you would have another bowel-obstruction it would be worth it to do surgery but from our point of view it isn´t worthy now."
What?? Here I am, with pain, not able to eat, chronical constipated, rectal bleedings because of it, with pain and cramping every day and you are telling me this?? They spoke with my parents as well and my parents started to agree with them. I still wanted to have surgery because I felt this would end up really bad and I also didn´t know how to handle or survive this disorder. I needed help! The clinical staff talked insistently to me and same did my parents. So after some days I felt BAD because I still wanted to have that surgery. I felt like a stupid little girl who is exaggerating the symptoms and worst thing: I started questioning myself and my pain. So in the end I accepted my subordinate role and quit the surgery ( I knew it was a bad decision but I wasn´t strong enough to keep standing). 

Before I had this ruptured appendicitis I was very active and did a lot of sports. When I was 3 years old I started Ballett, some years later horse-riding, I played Violine and when I was 12 years old I started fencing. After my first year (when I was 13 years old) I reached a level on which I was on place 2 in my state ranking list and I got invited to the National German Championships of Fencing (ranking 27 of Germany in my class of age). Until 1998 I continued to be that successful and on my last championship before my appendicitis I was on ranking 1. I also got my trainer license and gave fencing lessons to kids twice a week and had my own training units round about 6 hours a week plus championships and high-performance sport courses on the weekends.Then my life changed because of a little organ called Appendix. 
I had to quit all my sports and I had to quit fencing as well. First when it happened I had the hope that I would be able to continue after some time of break but it did not happen.
Because my days and my whole life ended up in daily constant pain, cramping, nausea, constipation, vomiting...24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
I went back to school and everyone was expecting me to fail but I did not. Looking back I really don´t know how I did it but in 2001 I graduated with high-school diploma.
Since I was 5 years old I wanted to become a surgeon. I did everything over the years, I went to the public library and got every medical book they had and learned..beside school and sports.
When I graduated in 2001 I had to face the fact, that I wasn´t able to go to Medical School to become a surgeon, because my body wasn´t able to handle it. And on the other side I had to get some money to support my family after the financial crash of my parents in 2000/2001. So I decided to become a midwife because I thought it would be as close as possible to a doctor. (it wasn´t and from the first day I felt that this wasn´t the right choice and not my "place to be", but sometimes life doesn´t give you choices).

In 2004 I graduated from midwife (yes, I finished this graduation which started in 2001 and ended in 2004, but don´t ask me how. Several times I was crying before I had to go to my shifts because I didn´t know how to handle it all. I couldn´t leave the apartement withput pain meds and it was more an existing from one day to the other..but no living). The years of my education for midwife were hell but I had to continue for many reasons. From the end of 2003 my symptoms got more and more worse and I knew where it would end..but I hoped I would be able to finish my graduations first. It worked, but in 2004 after the examinations I had my second bowel-obstruction.
This time I also got a huge wound infection in my laparotomy wound. The doctor removed the agraffe in my wound in two spots and opened the tissue with a scissor. He said" You don´t need an anesthesia because this wound tissue is fresh and doesn´t hurt either! And when the pus comes out it shouldn´t hurt anymore!" The pus flowed out..round about 150 ml, so a lot! But the pain was horrible..after he emptied the holes where the pus has been in he checked the muscle fascia with a cotton-stick to see if the bacterias got into the abdominal cavity. Everything without anesthesia. I didn´t scream because I always want to be tough, but the woman who was laying in the bed next to me said, that my whole face was grey when he left the room after this procedure. And I was done.
The surgical wound had to heal open by itself and I had to purge and tamponade it on my own at home for the following weeks until it would be closed.

I survived the first life-threatening situation in 1998 but in 2004 I was still in another life-threatening situation because of Adhesion Related Disorder. And no one was willing or able to really help me at that time.

This is me when I was doing Ballett at pre-school age

Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014


My name is Christine Kruschinski and this is my very first blog ever! Why do I want to start blogging? Well...I have a lot to I became Christine Kruschinski, what happened in my live, how I started suffering from Adhesion Related Disorder, how many years I had to suffer until Dr. Daniel Kruschinski helped me and safed my life, how I met a lot of other admirable and wonderful sufferers of adhesions, who also got help by Dr. Kruschinski and on and on.
This will be an interesting way for me and I think a great experience as well! I am getting more and more excited.. so let´s start!

Quote of the day "Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it!"

Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski-How I ended up in Adhesion Related Disorder

My adhesions journey started in 1998 when I was 16 years old.  On Friday 13th I woke up in the morning with pain in my lower abdomen but I thought it would be nothing so I went to school. Over the day the pain got worse and when I came back home from school at noon I felt really ill. I got fever, started vomiting, had bad cramps and pain so my parents called a doctor at the following day (Saturday). When the doctor came he asked me if I would have love sickness or a test in math because it would fit to my age to have symptoms like this in stressful situations. But I did not. He left and gave me some Paracetamol against the fever. I didn´t feel better the next day (Sunday) so my parents called another doctor. When he came his first question was "Why did you call me? Another doctor was here yesterday? Your daughter just has gastric flu. She will be better soon!" My parents asked if it could be an appendicitis and the doctor said "No!" This night when I was laying in my bed with this horrible pain I suddenly felt something burning and tearing inside me. This excrutiating pain made me scream into my pillow. The next day (Monday) I was in a really bad condition. I was laying semiconsciuosly in my bed and I didn´t even had the power to lay on the side without a pillow in my back. So my parents called another doctor and this doctor said "Maybe it is an urinary tract infection! If it won´t be better tomorrow I will take some blood tests!" It wasn´t better the next day (Tuesday, day 5 of my sickness) and I felt that life was leaving me. My parents called the doctor again and she came and said "Okay, maybe it is an appendicitis. I will take some blood. I need to have some urine values as well." My body just couldn´t give the urine anymore, my body couldn´t do anything. I tried my best. My mother told me that I should make better effort of it because everyone would try to help me but I really just couldn´t. When the doctor called about the blood values she said "Okay she has to go to the hospital it seems that she has an appendicitis. I already called the ambulance!" The ambulance came and put me into the ER (the hospital was only 2 minutes away by car from my parents apartment). The surgeon there said that he would take the appendix out which shouldn´t be a problem at all. I didn´t care. I just wanted to have peace for my tortured body and I was so so tired. I just wanted to sleep. When I woke up after surgery I felt something was totally wrong. I had tubes in my throat, my neck and abdominal cavity and after some days when I woke up more and more I found myself on the ICU fighting for my life because of a sepsis. The nurses told me that the surgeon found my abdominal cavity filled over with pus and excrements due to the ruptured appendictis I had for 5 days. The surgeon said I would have been dead 1 and a half hours later without surgery. So without this surgery I would have died at home that day, March 17th in1998. The nurses and doctors were so angry with my parents for not bringing me to the close hospital sooner, they just couldn´t understand.
I won the battle for my life that time and when I came home after many weeks I started to have abdominal pain 24/7. Cramps, vomiting, constipation, back pain, nausea, pain on my abdominal wall...every time, every day without a break.


 I will tell more in my next blogging. It is one example how Adhesion Related Disorder can start.
It took me 11 years to find help with my adhesions and a doctor who was willing to help me and to safe my life... Dr. Kruschinski