Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - A tribute from a patient

When this patient came to Germany to have surgery with Dr. Kruschinski Daniel she had a frozen abdomen and suffered with excruciating pain and all the bad symptoms known with Adhesion Related Disorder!
Like so many other adhesions patients she has been left alone by most of the doctors! She even underwent "adhesiolysis surgery" at home, payed 40.000 USD just to find out that this surgeon did nothing...but wanting his bills.
Dr. Daniel Kruschinski did surgery on her and he did help her! Even though she had a frozen abdomen and even though there seemed to be no hope before at home for a patient like her!

So she created a wonderful tribute video for Dr. Kruschinski Daniel!

Check it out! There IS a difference between physicians and really skilled and professional doctors with the will to HELP! And they do HELP!

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