Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski-How I ended up in Adhesion Related Disorder

My adhesions journey started in 1998 when I was 16 years old.  On Friday 13th I woke up in the morning with pain in my lower abdomen but I thought it would be nothing so I went to school. Over the day the pain got worse and when I came back home from school at noon I felt really ill. I got fever, started vomiting, had bad cramps and pain so my parents called a doctor at the following day (Saturday). When the doctor came he asked me if I would have love sickness or a test in math because it would fit to my age to have symptoms like this in stressful situations. But I did not. He left and gave me some Paracetamol against the fever. I didn´t feel better the next day (Sunday) so my parents called another doctor. When he came his first question was "Why did you call me? Another doctor was here yesterday? Your daughter just has gastric flu. She will be better soon!" My parents asked if it could be an appendicitis and the doctor said "No!" This night when I was laying in my bed with this horrible pain I suddenly felt something burning and tearing inside me. This excrutiating pain made me scream into my pillow. The next day (Monday) I was in a really bad condition. I was laying semiconsciuosly in my bed and I didn´t even had the power to lay on the side without a pillow in my back. So my parents called another doctor and this doctor said "Maybe it is an urinary tract infection! If it won´t be better tomorrow I will take some blood tests!" It wasn´t better the next day (Tuesday, day 5 of my sickness) and I felt that life was leaving me. My parents called the doctor again and she came and said "Okay, maybe it is an appendicitis. I will take some blood. I need to have some urine values as well." My body just couldn´t give the urine anymore, my body couldn´t do anything. I tried my best. My mother told me that I should make better effort of it because everyone would try to help me but I really just couldn´t. When the doctor called about the blood values she said "Okay she has to go to the hospital it seems that she has an appendicitis. I already called the ambulance!" The ambulance came and put me into the ER (the hospital was only 2 minutes away by car from my parents apartment). The surgeon there said that he would take the appendix out which shouldn´t be a problem at all. I didn´t care. I just wanted to have peace for my tortured body and I was so so tired. I just wanted to sleep. When I woke up after surgery I felt something was totally wrong. I had tubes in my throat, my neck and abdominal cavity and after some days when I woke up more and more I found myself on the ICU fighting for my life because of a sepsis. The nurses told me that the surgeon found my abdominal cavity filled over with pus and excrements due to the ruptured appendictis I had for 5 days. The surgeon said I would have been dead 1 and a half hours later without surgery. So without this surgery I would have died at home that day, March 17th in1998. The nurses and doctors were so angry with my parents for not bringing me to the close hospital sooner, they just couldn´t understand.
I won the battle for my life that time and when I came home after many weeks I started to have abdominal pain 24/7. Cramps, vomiting, constipation, back pain, nausea, pain on my abdominal wall...every time, every day without a break.


 I will tell more in my next blogging. It is one example how Adhesion Related Disorder can start.
It took me 11 years to find help with my adhesions and a doctor who was willing to help me and to safe my life... Dr. Kruschinski