Freitag, 21. März 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Frozen Abdomen

Patients with severe cases of Adhesion Related Disorder occur a so called "Frozen Abdomen" in many cases. These patients end up with multiple open surgeries (laparotomies), bowel-obstructions and bowel resections and they get often told that there is no chance to help them or do surgery on them anymore.

Same happened with me. After many abdominal surgeries, peritonitis and bowel-obstructions no doctor wanted to do adhesiolysis surgery on me anymore. They all said, it would not "pay" to do it before my "next" bowel-obstruction, so they would have to do emergency-surgery anyway!
I was left alone. I could not eat, I could not drink, I was vomiting each and every day many times, I
constipated, laxatives and enemas could not help properly anymore, I got rectal bleedings, lost so much weight and ended up with 80 pounds, got fever attacks and had a kind of pain 24-7, that made me not living from one day to the other..I was just existing.
I was 16 years old when my appendix ruptured and my ARD started and when I was in my twenties I did not expect to become 30 years old.

Then in 2009 I found a doctor, who had no doubt about my symptoms, who believed me and my pain and who HELPED me! Dr. Kruschinski Daniel was the first doctor in 13 years of suffering who believed me and was willing to help me and he did!

Most of the surgeons and doctors claim that there is no chance to get adhesions removed without re-growing after surgery, especially in severe cases like mine.
Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is proofing the opposite and shows that it is not true! 

But patients like me and many others are a proof that there IS a way to get adhesions under control and to stop them from re-growing!

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel´s whole procedure is showing the success!

To see more follow this link:

Watch this video on youtube, where you can see how Dr. Kruschinski Daniel is performing adhesiolysis surgery on a frozen abdomen!

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