Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis - Endometriosis: number one reason for Adhesion Related Disorder in women

Dr. Kruschinski Daniel is a world re-known specialist for Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis.

Over the nearly 3 decades of his work he developed his own and unique surgical technique "Gasless Lift.Laparoscopy" with the "Abdo-Lift" and created an Online Atlas about Laparoscopy of Adhesiolysis

There you can see a lot of surgery images as well as explanations and medical history to the shown images.
This gives an excellent overview to Dr. Daniel Kruschinski´s technique and skilled professionality!

On this picture you can see an explanation how the internal organs can get replaced by adhesions:

The Uterus is fixed to the abdominal wall (can be followed by a C-Section or myomectomy) and on the right you can see the bowel attached to the anterior abdominal wall.

By seeing this it´s very hard to believe that a huge amount of doctors still claim that adhesions do not cause pain!!
Fortunately Dr. Daniel Kruschinski believes in the pain related to adhesions!

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