Mittwoch, 2. April 2014

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski - Testimonial from a grateful patient´s family

Patients go to a doctor with pain or diseases to get help. What happens when patients go to see Dr. Kruschinski Daniel and they get help by him? Life changes!! In the best way. Easy to say, but you can see  the proof in many ways, like with this wonderful video and testimonial a grateful husband created on Youtube, after his wife had surgery with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski or via images on or even on Facebook groups which have been created from patients to help other sufferers to get help with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski!

Why? Dr. Kruschinski Daniel gave life back to his female patient and her husband. After suffering for years, life seemed to be ended this way. There was no help in sight, things got worse and no doctor was able to help anymore.
Then they found Dr. Daniel Kruschinski and this woman had surgery with him. And her life changed tremendously in the very best way!
Years later, she is pain free and symptoms free, she can participate in life again like "normal" people, which wasn´t possible all those years before, she can be a wife and best friend and family member again AND BEST THING: she was able to get pregnant and gave BIRTH to wonderful children!!
NO ONE would have ever thought this could become reality!! But it did!!

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski gave life to many people in this case (like in so many others): the patient got her life back, her husband got his life with his wife back and their two children got the chance to be born on this world!

Stories like this are beyond words and it is a blessing to be part of it!

So happy for them and for all the others!!

Watch this wonderful testimonial!

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